Optimal Wide Area Networks

We help you find the best value branch office connectivity solutions.

Connect an Office

With over 400 licensed operators building network infrastructure in South Africa, finding the best connectivity options for your office can be a headache.

AtlasWAN provides easy discovery of connectivity options, simplified choice, and reduced lead times. Optimal WAN planning. All under one roof.

Connect an Office

We’ll find connectivity options for your branches. From high speed metro fibre to remote area fixed wireless services. Get a free connectivity report today.

Note: We currently operate in the Western Cape only. We have plans to offer national services soon. Our network infrastructure database provides connectivity options, between branch office GPS locations and a list of major data centres.


All licensed South African WAN providers are encouraged to update their GIS, network and services data with us.

Up to Date

IT & Infrastructure Managers need convenient access to up to date network coverage data without having to gather it.

Good Value

Review your existing services and find the best value connectivity options.